SHARING PRINTER dengan Jaringan LAN

           Langkah Kerja
1.      Pertama siapkan peinter yang akan kita gunakan, pastikan printer tersebut sudah terinstall driver dan siap untuk digunakan
2.      Untuk melakukan sharing printer, kita terlebih dahulu harus mengaktifkan File and printer sharing. Dengan cara buka Control Panel terlebih dahulu, kemudian pilih Netword and Internet.

3.      Setelah jendela Network and Internet terbuka, pilih Network and Sharing Center.

4.      Kemudian pilih Change advanced sharing settings.

5.      Untuk sharing file maupun printer, pilih Turn on file and printer sharing. Dengan mengaktifkan fitur ini, pengguna lain dapat mengakses file atau printer yang telah Anda sharing.

6.      Langkah kelima ini bisa dibilang opsional, boleh dilakukan atau tidak. Jadi misalkan PC Andi melakukan sharing printer, dan PC Andi ini juga diberi password login. Maka siapapun yang ingin mengakses printer yang telah disharing oleh PC Andi harus memasukkan password login PC Andi terlebih dahulu. Misalkan Anda ingin menonaktifkan fitur ini, silakan klik All Networks.

7.      Kemudian pilih Turn off password protected sharing. Dengan begini setiap komputer atau PC yang ingin mengakses printer yang telah dibagikan oleh PC Andi tidak perlu lagi memasukkan password login.

8.      kita akan mengkonfiguri PC yang akan digunakan sebagai server dari printer sharing
9.      pertama setting IP pada PC server seperti yang ada pada konsep awal. Kita gunakan

10.  selanjutnya masuk pada control panel รจ Devices dan Printer,

11.  kemudian pilih jenis printer yang akan kita gunakan tadi, klik kanan pada gambar printer dan pilih “printer properties”

12.  kemudian masuk pada tab sharing seperti gambar dibawah, 

13.  setelah itu centang pada kotak “Share This Printer”

14.  selesai
konfigurasi dari client
1.      pertama siapkan beberapa PC/Laptop yang akan digunakan untuk client
2.      setelah  itu tancapkan kabel LAN

3.      kemudian setting IP pada ethernet jadikan 1 jaringan dengan server dengan memasukan IP seperti pada gambar dibawah

4.      jika sudah satu jaringan, gunakan perintah windows + R dan ketikan IP server \\

5.      kemdian akan masuk windows explore seperti berikut, terdapat icon printer yang telah kita share tadi dan beberapa folder

6.      kemudian klik kanan pada printer dan pilih connect
7.      setelah itu client akan meminta koneksi pada sever, dalam proses ini client juga meminta driver printer pada server, jadi client tidak perlu lagi menginstall driver sendiri
8.      kemudian buka word untuk mencoba apakah priter sudah terhubung, lakukan test print dari client untuk memastikan printer sudah terkoneksi dengan jarigan lokal.

9.      Hasil test print dari client windows 10

10.  Selesai.




                                                           TAHUN AJARAN 2017 / 2018

Question for number 1-3
All students of Year Ten are requested to gather in the school yard next Saturday at 08.00 a.m There will be an opening ceremony of the extracurricular activities, opened by the principal. Feel free to choose your favorite programs. Don’t miss it. Thank you.

Dara Fajra, Chairperson of OSIS

1.    Who is requested to gather in the school yard?
A.    The school principal.
B.    The participants of extracurricular activities.
C.   The students of grade ten.
D.   The chairperson of OSIS.
E.    Their teacher

2.    What is the purpose of the writer in writing the text?
A.    To inform about the opening ceremony of the extracurricular activities.
B.    To promote the extracurricular activities.
C.   To describe the opening ceremony of the extracurricular activities.
D.   To entertain the readers with extracurricular activities.
E.    To choose the chairperson of OSIS

3.    The text is written to ....
A.    Announce something
B.    Warn the readers about something
C.   Promote the candidat
D.    Describe a company
E.    Provide information about a service

Question for number 4-8

                          Withdrawing cash with an ATM card

Steps :
  1. Read the direction.
  2. Put your card into the slot
  3. Punch in your PIN.
  4. When the choices appear, select “withdrawal from checking.”
  5. Enter the amount that you want to withdraw.
  6. When the machine asks if you are finished, press “yes”.
  7. Take out the receipt.

4.    What should you do after inserting your card?
A.    Take the money
B.    Press “yes”
C.   Enter the PIN
D.   Select “continue”
E.    Put the card into the slot

5.    What is the text about?
A.    The ways to use computer
B.    The best way to keep our money safe
C.   The procedure of saving money in a bank
D.   The description of an Automatic Teller Machine
E.    The ways to withdraw money from Automatic Teller Machine

6.    What do you have to do if you want to withdraw again
A.    Punch in your PIN again and take the money
B.    Press “CANCEL:” when you do the mistake
C.   Press “NO” when the machine asks if you are finished
D.   Enter the amount that you want to draw
E.    Remove the money when it appear

7.    How many steps do we need to wihtdraw ATM?
A.    Two
B.    Five
C.   Four
D.   Six
E.    Seven

8.    What must you do after the machine asks if you’re finished?
A.    Enter the PIN
B.    Press “yes”
C.   Take the receipt
D.   Put your card
E.    Leave your card

Questions number 9-11 refer to the following information:

A number of victims died in the earthquake and tsunami which attacked the southern part of Java Island. The disaster swept over a vast area. It left the people with woes. There were 341 people found dead until 4 pm and about 229 people were reported lost.

9.    The earthquake and tsunami in the southern part of the Java Island killed.... people.
A.    229               B. 341            C. 429             D. 441        E. 292         

10.  It left the people with woes” The underlined word refers to...
A.    The disaster
B.    The number of the people died
C.   The victims
D.   The southern part of the Java Island
E.    The number of people reported lost

11.  The antonym of “died” in the text is ....
A.    Lived
B.    Slept
C.   Killed
D.   Resulted
E.    Attacked

Question for number 12-15

      It was Sunday morning July 5th 2012. My friend and I went to the beach after studying hard.
We wanted to refresh our mind and enjoyed the sand beach. We went there early in the morning by car. Many people were there when arrived.
       After parking the car, we walked along the beach barefooted. We could feel the smoothness of the sand. The cold see water touches our feet.
        Then, we looked for a place to take rest. We rolled out the mat on the ground and had meals together. While eating, we saw many things. We saw many children built sand castles. Some of them played with their balls. We also saw some people sunbathe.
         After having meals, we were interested in doing the same thing.
         We were so happy and really enjoyed that day.

12.  Which of the following sentences is not true based on the text above?
A.    They had meals after playing at the beach.
B.    They went along the beach on foot.
C.   They went to the beach afer studying.
D.   They are friends at the same scholl
E.    They went there early in the morning by car

13.  Based on the text above, we can conclude that the relationship between the writer and his friends is....
A.    Friends at home
B.    Course mates
C.   Family
D.   School mates
E.    Friends in the office

14.  “We rolled out the mat on the ground and had meals together.” The underlined word means....
A.    Sand
B.    Land
C.   Deck
D.   Park
E.    Yard

15.  How did the writer and her friends go to the beach? By....
A.    Motorcycle
B.    Car
C.   Public transport
D.   Train
E.    Plane

  1. Suci  : Hey you look nice with that dress.
Ami   : Thanks. I made it by myself.
Suci  : Really. What a wonderful dress. You are such a talented tailor.
The underlined sentence in the dialogue above shows the expression of ....
A.    Like
B.    Giving attention
C.   Complement
D.   Pleasure
E.    Agreement

  1. Octa said,” I like watching action movies.’
The reported speech for the quoted one above is ....
A.    Octa said that she liked watching action movies.
B.    Octa said that I liked watching action movies.
C.   Octa said that I will like watching action movies.
D.   Octa said that she had liked watching action movies.
E.    Octa said that she was liked watching action movie.

18. Henry  : I’ve joined an Javanese club. Would you like to join us in our next meeting  this weekend?
Braham: ...... I have nothing to do on Friday and Saturday.
Henry   : Great then. That’s why we can always practice our Javanese.
A.    I’m  very sorry but I can’t come with you.
B.    I think you should practice alone.
C.   That sounds interesting.
D.   I’m sorry I can’t
E.    How do you practice your Javanese?

  1. Sila   : I’ll have English test tomorrow.
Amel: You must prepare it.
Sila   : Of course.
Amel: I hope you get the best mark.
             The underlined sentence expresses....
A.    Hope
B.    Wish
C.   Dream
D.   Invitation
E.    Complement

  1. Mira  : Did you go to the concert last night?
            Yani  : Yes, ... and I saw Jane play the harp.
A.    I admire her
B.    I do
C.   I’m going there
D.   It was great
E.    It sounds bad

  1. Fanny  : There will be a student president election on Saturday? Would you like  to participate?
            Tomo  : ... Can we go there together, then?
            Fanny : Sure, I’ll pick you at ten.
A.    I’m already busy
B.    I’m not sure
C.   No, thanks
D.   Of, course
E.    I’m not interested

  1.  Doni  : The meal was delicious. ...
             Dian  : Thank you. Have some more dessert?
             Doni  : No, thanks. I already had two pieces of cake.
A.    How kind you are!    
B.    What a lovely place!
C.   I couldn’t enjoy it!
D.   You’re a great cook
E.    So beautiful vew!

  1. Danny : It is a good idea that the government prohibit smoking  in public places.
            Pandu  : .... It’s awful sitting next to someone smoking.
A.    I disagree
B.    I can’t say so
C.   That’s true
D.   Probably not
E.    I’m not think so

  1. Beyonce : I’ve got a problem, Shakira. I borrowed John’s MP3 player and I lost it.
            Shakira   : Well, ... I would buy him a new one. We have to be responsible.
A.    If you had lost it,
B.    If I were you,
C.   If I had you
D.   If I find it,
E.    If I have enough money,

Questions 25-27 refer to the following application letter !

Jember, 18 February 2017
The Personnel Manager
Roseanne Beach Hotel
Jl. Kemuning 341

Dear Sir or Madam,
I am applying for the position of receptionist advertised in Weekly Post on February11st 
I am 25 years old, and graduated from Jember University last year.  I have been with Bandung Permai Hotel as a receptionist for two years, I’m interested in gaining new experience in an international hotel such as Roseanne Beach Hotel.
I would be available for an interview at anytime. I look forward to hearing from you.

Yours faithfully

Melanie Anggita    

     25. After the letter is received, what might happen?
      A. Melanie would be ready to work
      B. The Personnel Manager might ask Melanie to have an interview
      C. Melani might go to the beach
      D. Roseanne Beach Hotel may offer Melanie a higher position
      E. Melani become a secretary

    26.  Where does Melanie get the information about the vacancy?
      A. Roseanne Beach Hotel
      B. Bandung Permai Hotel
      C. Weekly Post
      D. Jember University
      E. Television

     27. I’m interested in gaining new … (paragraph 2)
      The underlined word has the similar meaning with ………
A.    obtaining
B.    taking
C.   accepting
D.   giving
E.    refusing

28.  Dara  : Didn’t see you at the party last night. Why you didn’t come?
Restu: Party? Whose party?
Dara  : Yuanita’s birthday party. Didn’t you receive the invitation?
Restu: .......
A.    If she give the invitation I’ll come
B.    I would come if she didn’t give the invitation
C.   If she gives the invitation I won’t come
D.   If she gave the invitation, I would come
E.    If she was given the invitation, I would come

29.  Asya : Do you like smoking?
Aji     : It was .....
A.    I used to smoke when I was young
B.    I get used to smoking
C.   I will be used to smoking
D.   I like smoking much
E.    I like fishing

30.  Romero : Oh God, I failed in my final test. What should I do now?
Miko      : ....., so you can take a remedial test later.
A.    I will give a test.
B.    You will study hard.
C.   You have to study hard.
D.   I will borrow your book.
E.    You should be patien

Do you know(31)......every stamp tells a story?(32).....the Singapore philatelic museum,learn about the Singapore’heritage,transportation,  traditional,trades,games,and(33) which are on stamps
Question for number 31-33 complete the following text with the words provided

     31.  A. After
            B. That
            C. When
            D. Where
            E. Who

     32. A. At
           B. Into
           C. On
           E. Below

      33. A. Constant
            B. Instant
            C. Reluctant
            D. Significant
            E. Regular

This dialogue is for questions 34-36

          Ida                   : Mrs. Jenny, ...(34) if you would like to come over for Dennis party.
          Mrs. Jenny      : Well, ....(35), but I’m afraid if I could.
          Ida                   : Oh, that’s too bad. Well, maybe next time.
          Mrs. Jenny      : Yeah! ...(36). Enjoy your party.

34.  A. Think I can, but...
B. I’d like to love to come.
C. Thank you for inviting me.
D. That’s fine
E. We would be pleased.

35.  A. OK
B. I’d like to love to come.
C. We would be not delighted
D. Yes, thank you
E. I’d love to

  1. A. No, thank you
B. Yes, thank you
C. Thank you for asking
D. I delighted
E. I’m happy with you

     37. Mrs. Nadine   : Which one is your daughter?
                               A               B
Mrs. Ningsih  : The girl whom hair tied into a knot at the back. She is wearing a red
                                         C                               D                                       E

       38. Vernita  : What does our new English teacher look like?
                   A                                                         B
Denita   : He is fit to be a model because he is short and very fat. He has a nice                                          C               C                   D                                             E

        39. Riska : San, why didn’t you come to my party last week?
Sandy: Well, actually I was on the way to the party but suddenly a car hit me.
                                                     B                                    C

Riska : Oh. I’m really happy to hear that. Were you OK?
Sandy: I was fine but my car was damaged. I had it.

            40. Dadang : Do you plan to go to your home town in the next vacation?
                                     A                                            B
Tya        : Well, I don’t know. The ticket fares are very expensive today.
                              C                                        D
Dadang : I will drive if I were you

Question number 1-2
Toyota, a city in Japan, is on east central Honshu Island, in central Aichi Prefecture on the Yahagi River. Toyota is the headquarter oh the Toyota Motor Corporation and is a major automobile manufacturing and assembly center. A classic company town, it has a planned layout for its sprawling assembly plants, office complexes, and housing developments for workers and their families. The city was formerly named Koromo, meaning “clothing” and prospered from the late 19th century until the 1930s as a center of the silk industry. Its development as an automobile manufacturing enter began with the opening of the first assembly plant in 1937. The city’s name was changed to Toyota in 1959 after the second plant, Motomachi, was opened and the population began to grow rapidly. Population (2002): 342,835.
1.what is the main idea of this text?.......................................................
2.what was the old name of the toyota city ?..........................................
Uestion number 3-4
Your personal safety at Absa ATM is our first priority. For this reason Absa has taken great care to make ATM banking as safe as possible. Here’s what you can do to make sure you and your money are safe :
·         Approach an ATM only under the right conditions and be aware of your sorroundings.
·         Check the area for suspicious-looking characters before you approach the ATM. Leave the ATM immediately if you don’t feel safe.
·         If you think the ATM is not working, cancel the transaction immediately and try to use another ATM.
·         Always concentrate and keep your eyes on the screen when performing a transaction.
·         When entering your PIN cover the keypad your other hand, making sure no one else sees your PIN.
·         If you need help, ask your Absa bank official, rather than the security guard.
·         If your card is lost, stuck in the machine or swallowed, call the Absa lost card line or contact your nearest Absa branch immediately.

3.According to the text, what should you do when doing a transaction?..........................................
4.What should you do if you don’t feel secure?................................................................................
Question number 5
A magazine is a periodical containing a variety of articles and general illustrations of an entertaining or an instructive nature.
Magazine are designed to be of interest either to the general public or to groups of people with specialized subject matters
The essential difference between the magazine and the newspaper is a physical are; The magazine is smaller in size and often bound in pamphlet form.  
5.What is the synonymous of the word “essential” in the line-5 above?.........................